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My name is Sydney Burmood and this is my blog! I am a graphic design and motion graphic specialist doing freelance under the business name Buddha Belly Designs. In tandem, I am a part time graphic designer at the music venue Your Mom's House in downtown Denver. I am also a digital artist and start selling my artwork in various forms including prints, graphic clothes, stickers, pins, and skincare. My presence is online and through pop ups when selling my goods.

In this monthly blog I will be writing about tips and tricks in the Adobe Creative Suite that I as a designer have come across that helped with overcoming problems or just unexpected creations. How to's with using the different tools in program such as photoshop, illustrator, premiere, after effects, procreate, and wix. Projects such as creating your own sticker, graphic tee, face wash and lotion, etc. I may throw in some other blogs such as reviews on design articles and books and helpful sites and videos for designing.

Welcome to my website and my new blog! If you are a designer or digital artist or just artist in general I hope to see back monthly and find these as useful tools in your career and life!

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